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Choosing a Loan Originator

Hi, I'm Becky Elder and I've been in the financial services industry since 2006 as a financial consultant because I'm incredibly passionate about teaching people how to make good financial decisions and eventually becoming financially secure. A significant piece to that puzzle is homeownership, and the process can be overwhelming to a lot of people. Every person's situation is so different and I have the background and commitment to ensure everyone receives the right loan for them as well as meeting their ongoing financial goals.


Deciding to venture into a reverse mortgage is a major decision. When choosing whether one is right for you, qualified advice is invaluable; so too is selecting a Mortgage Loan Originator who is well versed in all aspects of reverse mortgages.

A Mortgage Loan Originator must adhere to strict ethical conduct. They must inform you of all the terms and conditions of the loan clearly and with the utmost respect of your needs and goals. They must not pressure you or steer you into another type of loan, such as an annuity, that might not be in your best interest. If you sense you are being pressured, feel free to shop around. It is your decision; only you can decide what is right for you.

Knowledge is power. Read up on reverse mortgages before consulting with a Mortgage Loan Originator. This will not only save time, but could help you get a better deal. A good place to start is our Top 10 Reverse Mortgage Questions. We’ve also provided a list of Reverse Mortgage Resources.

We realize that a reverse mortgage may not be right for you. We encourage you to explore your options. If, for example, you wish to remodel your kitchen, a different type of single-purpose loan might be more appropriate. If however, a reverse mortgage could suit your needs, we invite you to contact us. An experienced Mortgage Loan Originator will walk you through each step of the process and answer any and all questions you may have.

We hope to assist you in any way we can as you consider your options.



I want to help seniors understand and realize the potential they have in their own homes to be able to live out their retirement years without worrying about how they would afford their medicines…or even just putting food on the table. I love that there are so many ways that I can personally be involved with relieving the stress and heartache that will overwhelm most in their retirement years. I look forward to hearing about the lives of each client.